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Here Be Dragons: From Lizards to Legends

Venture to the Nature Center to experience a celebration on dragons in literature, pop culture, history, music, art, paleontology, astronomy, astrology and science. Explore the history of these mythical creatures through artifacts, activities, and one of a kind opportunities to interact with real-life lizards! Created by Build4Impact, Here Be Dragons: From Lizards to Legends is unique in its approach to education, conservation and celebration of cultures around the world through live and mythical dragons.

Explore Different Realms

The exhibit is split into three dragon realms: Medieval, Asian, and Paleontology, each with a colorful and intricately designed set such as a fire-breathing dragon to greet guests. 

Encounter Living Legends

Guests will get to observe 6 real-life lizards up close, including the white throat monitor, albino green iguana, European legless lizard, Egyptian uromastyx, frilled dragon and clubtail iguana.  

Discover Unique Artifacts

Take a look at a full-sized Chinese dragon costume display, grab a brush to uncover fossils, and learn about the dragons of myth and lore from European literature.

Children (2-13): $ 7

Adults (13+)$ 10

Seniors (65+): $9

 First Responders: $9

November 19, 2022


February 11, 2023

Monday – Saturday

9am – 5pm

 (Ticket sales end at 4:30pm) 

River Legacy Nature Center

703 NW Green Oaks Blvd. Arlington, TX 76006

 (Inside the Discovery Room) 

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Becky Nussbaum Gerro
Director of Development
817.860.6752 x120

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